Any business or individual seeking a trademark should first make certain that there are no other similar marks. By conducting a comprehensive trademark search, a company can proceed with a trademark application on a solid footing. A trademark search lawyer can make certain that your proposed trademark is not similar to other marks. Alternately, if your proposed trademark could potentially infringe on someone else's mark, a lawyer can give you the information you need to proceed.

With offices throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area and an additional location in Denver, Colorado, attorney Richard G. Eldredge of the Eldredge Law Firm has extensive experience protecting the intellectual property rights of a national and international clientele. He performs professional trademark searches for clients either as part of a trademark application or on its own. In either case, our firm charges flat fees and bundled packages in order to deliver the highest levels of value to our clients.

Taking All Measures Necessary To Deliver A Comprehensive Trademark Search

You can rely on our lawyer to search all federal registrations in the United States Trademarks and Patent Office (USPTO), state registrations and even unregistered registrations. We know where to look and will work efficiently to expedite the process. If there are no marks similar to yours, we can prepare your trademark application. If there appears to be the likelihood of confusion with your mark and existing trademarks, we can counsel you as to your options. However you decide to proceed, you can be confident in our abilities.

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