A company's trademark can be a key component of its branding and image. Certain trademarks, such as McDonald's golden arches, the Nike Swoosh and the Apple logo are instantly recognizable, and have earned iconic status over the years. It is essential for any company to take the necessary steps to protect its trademarks. It is equally important to avoid infringing upon another company's branding efforts. In either of these situations, a professional trademark lawyer can provide invaluable counsel and advice.

With years of successfully advancing the intellectual property rights of businesses and individuals across the nation and world, Fort Worth and Houston trademark attorney Richard G. Eldredge has the experience and skill you need.

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While most of our firm's work involves filing and prosecuting patent applications, we also handle trademark searches and filing. In fact, we offer one free trademark filing with each patent application and provide trademark searches with various bundle packages. Attorney Eldredge is familiar with what trademark examiners are looking for when reviewing a trademark application and can prepare your application in such a way to give you the best chance of avoiding potential obstacles. Moreover, we will conduct a comprehensive search of potentially similar trademarks in order to reduce the possibility of infringement. With years of successfully securing and protecting our clients’ intellectual property rights, we are the trademark law firm with the skill and experience you deserve.

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