After a patent application is filed, a patent examiner at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will review the contents of the application. The patent examiner is tasked with determining whether the idea or invention in question meets the novel, nonobvious and useful requirements. Sometimes, the patent examiner may deny the application. These matters are referred to as office actions. Generally speaking, an office action informs the applicant of possible problems in the application. An attorney will be instrumental in preparing the strongest possible patent and trademark office action response.

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Presenting Strong Arguments To Patent Examiners Following Office Actions

There are two types of trademark and patent office actions: nonfinal office actions and final actions. In a nonfinal office action, the patent examiner will indicate why he or she believes the application in question does not meet the various requirements. At this time, the patent applicant has six months to either argue that the patent examiner is not correct, or revise the patent application as necessary.

It is important to understand that nonfinal office actions are a generally accepted part of the patent application process. At the Eldredge Law Firm, attorney Richard Eldredge works closely with patent examiners throughout the process in order to help them fully understand the strengths of his client's position.

The other type of office action is known as a final office action. Final office actions are sent after a nonfinal office action. In a final office action, the patent examiner rejects the application. At this point, the applicant has the option of presenting an appeal to the Board of Appeals and Patent Interferences (BPAI) or file a Request for Continued Examination (RCE). Should you receive a final office action, our lawyer can advise on all possible avenues.

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