An inventor's worst nightmare is to have its invention copied and brought to the market by a competitor. Some businesses will not hesitate to try to slightly modify a patented or unpatented invention and attempt to sell it. If you want to discuss licensing your invention with a manufacturer, a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) can provide substantial protection. In short, an NDA acts like a confidentiality agreement and can bar a company from discussing your invention with others.

While an NDA can provide extensive protection for a patented invention, it will not have any value unless it is correctly constructed. In addition, if your invention is patent pending, an NDA is of critical importance. A nondisclosure agreement lawyer who is knowledgeable about patent and contract law can play an essential role in helping you obtain maximum protection.

Based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area (with offices in Houston, Texas, and Denver, Colorado), attorney Richard G. Eldredge has the skill and experience necessary to help you protect your invention with a patent nondisclosure agreement and more. As a patent lawyer who has successfully guided hundreds of clients through the patent application process, he has also helped many clients successfully bring their products to the market. This knowledge, combined with our firm's commitment to delivering the highest levels of client service, can make a real difference for our clients.

Drafting NDAs That Fully Meet Your Needs

Having created numerous NDAs, we understand how to create a document that is able to withstand a potential legal challenge. Moreover, if you have a patent on your invention and you have reason to believe that someone is infringing on your rights, we can help you take appropriate measures to enforce your rights. Attorney Eldredge is an engineer as well as a lawyer, and therefore can provide comprehensive counsel on the legal, technical and business considerations in these matters.

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