Obtaining a patent is only the first step of marketing an invention or idea. It is also true that the skills that make a person successful at creating are quite different from the skills that make one successful at manufacturing and marketing. With a licensing agreement, an inventor can reap the benefits of his or her invention, while placing in the hands of a business that is better equipped to manufacture, market and sell the item. Moreover, a licensing agreement will keep ownership of an invention with the inventor.

Of course, any inventor that wants the best licensing results needs a skilled licensing agreement lawyer to develop effective contracts. At the Eldredge Law Firm, our patent law firm helps clients take the appropriate steps to monetize their inventions.

Helping Our Clients Make The Most Of Their Inventions

Based in Fort Worth and Houston with an additional office location in Denver, Colorado, our law firm regularly works with entrepreneurs to draft and review licensing agreements with manufacturers and other businesses. Licensing agreement attorney, Richard G. Eldredge, has a sound understanding of how best to protect each client's intellectual property rights and will prepare an agreement tailored to a client's needs. He is adept at negotiating agreements with companies and will be prepared to enforce the terms of an agreement as necessary as well. As part of our practice, we also prepare manufacturing and nondisclosure agreements as necessary to fully protect our clients' interests. In short, our depth and breadth of experience in this field offers significant advantages to our clients.

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