For many businesses, seeking patent protection in the United States is only part of a comprehensive patent strategy. In fact, as certain economies across the world expand, international patent protection can be of immense value. It is therefore important to work closely with a lawyer who can effectively manage both the international application process.

With hundreds of successful patent applications under his belt, attorney Richard G. Eldredge of the Eldredge Law Firm is fully invested in helping his clients achieve their goals. From international patent applications to national stage applications, he has effectively secured and protected all types of patents in a number of markets. In his career he has helped clients achieve patent protection throughout Europe, China, Canada, Mexico and other locales. His combination of legal and practical knowledge provides many advantages to clients seeking international patent protection.

How Does One Seek International Patent Protection?

Anyone who wants his or her idea patented in another country has numerous options. One can file a patent in each specific country he or she wants protection. Increasingly, inventors are seeking to file patent applications under the Patent Convention Treaty (PCT). Filing an international patent application with the PCT affords you the ability to file for patent protection in numerous countries at the same time.

Typically, inventors file with the PCT within a year of filing a patent application in their own country. Simply filing an application with the PCT is not the only step, however. Once you have filed with the PCT, you will have up to 30 months to decide which countries you want to file specific patent applications. This part of the process is known as the national phase. At our law firm, we have prosecuted patent applications in numerous countries, working closely with attorneys in these specific countries. With our depth and breadth of experience, we understand what examiners in various foreign countries are looking for and can give a national phase application the greatest chance of success.

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