Obtaining a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), a process also known as patent prosecution, is lengthy and complicated. Eldredge Law Firm, with offices in Fort Worth and Houston, Texas, as well as Denver, Colorado, has extensive experience prosecuting domestic patents in a variety of industries, including aeronautics, medicine, technology, utilities and manufacturing.

U.S. patent attorney, Richard G. Eldredge, combines his training as a mechanical engineer with an emphasis on highly personalized client interaction. The result is an efficient and affordable patent prosecution service that typically saves our clients time and money.

Our bundled, flat-fee packages offer significant savings compared to traditional domestic patent prosecution. For example, a patent search can be conducted for $750, and that fee is waived if a utility application is prepared. Provisional utility application bundles cost $2,500, while non-provisional utility application bundles cost $5,000.

Our U.S. patent lawyer creates his own computer-aided design (CAD) drawings. This cuts several weeks off of the patent filing process and saves our clients a significant amount of money.

A Patent Lawyer Who Goes The Extra Mile

Once your U.S. patent application has been filed, the patent will be reviewed by a patent examiner to determine whether your idea is patentable or not. There are a number of considerations in this process, including:

  • Is the idea genuinely new?

  • Does the idea have a useful purpose?

  • Is the idea a modification of an existing idea? If so, it has to be an obvious modification.

  • Has the idea been described adequately in the application for the patent?

If your idea meets all of the criteria, you will receive a "notice of allowance." However, the majority of patent applications receive an "office action," which is a notice that the patent application does not meet one or more of the necessary criteria. Mr. Eldredge will assist you in your appeal.

We work with clients throughout North Texas, Colorado and across the United States. Call 682-990-2073 or email us to schedule a free consultation in which we will review your case and recommend the best steps to take.