There are two primary types of patents: Design and Utility. Utility patents, which relate to processes, machines, manufacturing processes and compositions, are the most common type of patent. Design patents are less common but can be very useful as well. A design patent protects the appearance or design of the invention. For instance, unique packaging, such as the size or shape of a soft drink bottle, may be eligible for a design patent. These only protect a given design for 14 years, while a utility patent is good for 20 years.

Because they only protect the appearance of a product, and not the function of a product, design patents do not offer the level of protection associated with a utility patent. Nonetheless, there are situations in which a design patent is the best choice for a given idea or invention.

A skilled design patent attorney will provide immeasurable benefits in preparing the strongest possible patent application. For years, businesses and entrepreneurs from across Texas, Colorado, the United States and the world have placed their trust in Richard G. Eldredge of the Eldredge Law Firm for his expertise in design patent law.

Delivering Expeditious, Efficient Representation In Design Patents

In your free initial consultation, attorney Eldredge will discuss how to patent a design as well as the advantages and possible disadvantages of seeking a design patent or a utility patent. Generally speaking, the design patent process is faster than the utility patent process. In addition, the process is typically less costly and does not require maintenance fees. Lastly, a greater percentage of design patents are approved compared to utility patents.

If we believe that a design patent is the best course of action, we will go to work immediately preparing the application. As a mechanical engineer and a lawyer, Richard Eldredge can prepare the computer aided drawings (CAD) on his own, passing the savings off to our firm's clients. Simply taking this step in-house can reduce the application process by weeks or even months. Unlike firms that bill their time by the hour, we provide flat-fee billing to our clients. Our commitment to speed and savings gives our clients numerous benefits.

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