With the frenzied pace of technological innovation, great ideas and inventions are making their way to the market at faster and faster speeds. Protecting intellectual property must be a vital part of any company or entrepreneur's short-term and long-term strategies. In most cases, a patent affords a business or individual the greatest levels of protection. The caliber of your attorney can make a great difference in how your patent application proceeds.

With offices in Fort Worth and Houston, as well as an office in Denver, attorney Richard G. Eldredge of the Eldredge Law Firm has established himself as one of the premier patent lawyers in Colorado and Texas. A mechanical engineer in an addition to an attorney, he has the technical understanding required to fully understand your needs. In each matter, you can depend on our firm to deliver the highest levels of representation, client service, and value.

With hundreds of successful patent applications for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to individuals, we are fully committed to protecting your interests. Our firm navigates the domestic patent and international patent processes, guiding clients with care and efficiency. Whether it is for a utility patent or a design patent, we will handle the patent search, Information Disclosure Statement and other elements of the process.

In all patent application matters, we charge flat fees. As an engineer, Richard Eldredge can create computer assisted design (CAD) drawings as necessary. This saves our clients money and promotes certainty.

Facilitating The Patent Prosecution Process

After the application, we go the extra mile to make the patent prosecution process as simple as possible. In fact, we interview the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) examiner before and during the prosecution of each patent application. Very few patent lawyers will take this step for their clients. In the event the patent examiner rejects your application, our patent lawyers will contend persuasively on your behalf in an office action.

Helping Clients After The Patent Application Process

After your patent application has been approved, you may have opportunities to license, transfer or sell your patent. Our law firm is adept at helping clients implement a sound plan to monetize and protect their idea through:

When necessary, we can help you take the steps necessary to enforce your intellectual property rights. We also perform limited trademark services, including trademark searches.

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