Patents are vital to the success of businesses in countless industries. Yet prosecuting a patent application is no easy process. It requires a rare combination of legal, technical and scientific skill.

You will find those strong credentials at the Eldredge Law Firm. We devote our practice exclusively to intellectual property law, with a strong focus on patents. Our lawyers have successfully prosecuted hundreds of patent applications for clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Our experience spans all types of patents: international and domestic, provisional and nonprovisional, design and utility.

With degrees in mechanical engineering, biochemistry and law, the firm's attorneys have the strong technical backgrounds essential for success in the patent arena.

We also offer the advantages of swift action - typically a one-week turnaround for the initial application - and cost-effective flat fees.

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What Makes An Idea Patentable?

Patents exist to protect inventions. But what are the boundaries of patentable subject matter?

Under federal law, a patentable idea must meet three criteria:

  1. It must be useful. The idea cannot be wholly abstract; it must have some realistic, practical application.
  2. It must be novel. Existing inventions cannot be patented. New processes, methods, compositions or improvements, however, may be patentable.
  3. It must be nonobvious to others skilled in the applicable field or art. Several case-specific factors shape this determination.

A successful patent application must also clearly describe the invention. Diagrams and drawings are often necessary. Our attorneys use computer-assisted drawings (CAD) as an efficient, cost-effective means of accurately conveying the patentable idea.

Find Out Whether Your Idea Is Patentable

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