Innovation is at the heart of our nation's economy. Without laws to establish and protect ownership of intellectual property, progress would come to a standstill. Our nation's forefathers recognized the value of innovation and established the groundwork for intellectual property law in the Constitution itself.

At the Eldredge Law Firm, we know full well the importance of securing intellectual property rights through patents, trademarks and other legal tools. We devote our entire practice to intellectual property. Our lawyers combine backgrounds in engineering, science and law to provide thorough, cost-effective guidance for innovators.

As a nationwide practice, our firm has a strong presence in Houston. We work with entrepreneurs, startups and established businesses across all industries. Contact us to learn more.

The Advantage We Offer: A Quick Turnaround And Flat-Rate Fees

With top-dollar firms, the costs of prosecuting a patent can sink your business before it gets off the ground. Here, our goal is to help you flourish, not fail. You will not run into hidden costs at our firm. We offer reasonable and upfront flat-rate fees for all patent services. These fees include related trademark filings.

We also appreciate the time value of money. Our attorneys take proactive steps to prepare the initial patent application within one week of your first meeting. Once you have a patent application pending, you have the legal groundwork in place to make your idea marketable.

Here, you will find unmatched value in the form of efficient, expeditious and cost-effective services.

Call 800-653-6423 to meet with a member of our firm in the Houston area. During your free initial consultation, you will learn whether your idea is patentable under federal law. We will also walk you through the patent process.