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Disney uses patent law to protect new 'Star Wars' project

When inventors come up with new ideas, those ideas may come a little at a time. For example, a Texas inventor may have a plan for a new technology but may not have developed a precise use for the technology. Patent law protects the first person to file for a patent, not the first person to conceive of an idea.

The creative minds behind Disney continue to astound. Fans of Star Wars may be especially intrigued by the recent project for which Disney has filed for a patent. Although incomplete, the project for the patent filed earlier this month promises to fulfill the dreams of many if Disney brings it to fruition.

iRobot settles patent law dispute with Black and Decker

Ideas are the driving force behind new innovations and technology. Someone comes up with an idea, develops it, patents it and brings it to the consumer. As the Texas consumer grasps onto the new idea, the company's market share and profitability increase. Along with this financial increase, there is typically also an increase in competition. Fortunately, patent law offers protection to the patented intellectual property.

The idea for household help has been around for generations. From this basic idea, a number of tools have been created. One of the more recent innovations involves machines that will vacuum on their own. The devices are left on a charging station and at a set time, they automatically begin roaming the home or building and vacuuming the floor.

PXG and TaylorMade involved in patent law dispute

Specific products are often created for a specific purpose and to meet a specific need. Sometimes ideas for a new or improved product suddenly become apparent; some ideas are born from experience with another product. Once the new or improved idea begins to take shape, the Texas product's developer will often take measures to protect the idea and new product. This protection is often under the auspices of patent law with the filing of a patent on the product.

Sports equipment is no exception to this standard business practice. In fact, many companies throughout the golfing industry go to great lengths to improve the irons, woods, drivers and balls that professional and amateur golfers use. These improved products often drive a company's business and its profits.

Patent law affords protection for the Texas inventor

After months or even years of coming up with ideas, developing them and implementing them, the Texas inventor is ready to share his or her invention with others. Often, this involves approaching other companies or the general public with the new invention. Prior to such action, one will want to make sure the invention is protected and patented if possible. Patent law protection may prove to be a critical component to the inventor.

Once a new invention has been developed, the inventor is ready to share it with those for whom it was developed. Sometimes this market involves other companies or business entities. Other companies become aware of the product or technology and may attempt to copy it for their own use. If the invention is not patented, it is possible that others may attempt to use information acquired from the invention in their own products.

Apple at the center of patent law claim

In today's world, it is commonplace for someone to pull out a cell phone and begin taking pictures. This convenient feature allows the Texas resident to capture moments without having to invest in or remembering to have a camera close at hand. In fact, many of these photo capabilities of these phones rival the capabilities and even the quality of some traditional cameras. The camera is an important feature on many phones and, as such, has become the subject of infringement claims regarding patent law violations.

One of the latest patent infringement lawsuits involves Apple and a startup company, Corephotonics. Reports indicate that Corephontonics holds a patent for its dual camera. According to company representatives, Corephotonics discussed this technology and a possible partnership with Apple. However, Apple apparently indicated that it was not interested in such a venture.

Milwaukee Tool awarded $27.8 million in patent law case

Patent infringement can be a serious problem for those who develop the ideas and create the ideas that are on the cutting edge. After spending countless hours and untold resources on a development, the Texas business or individual who developed the new concept is the one who should reap the benefits of it. In order to make sure that this is the case, patents are filed. Patent law is designed to protect those who are leading the way in developing new concepts.

Approximately three years ago, Milwaukee Tool came to the conclusion that Snap-on Tools was infringing upon their lithium-ion battery technology. In an attempt to protect their patent, Milwaukee Tool filed suit against Snap-on Tools and seven others whom they determined were also infringing. The suit against Snap-on Tools recently went before a jury.

Blackberry apparently resolves patent law dispute

Companies often spend countless hours and millions of dollars developing new technology and/or products. In an effort to protect their investment, these same companies will often file for a patent. Under patent law, the patent will protect the Texas company and prevent another company from utilizing the same technology without the permission of the patent holder.

Patent disputes regarding operating systems for cellular phone and smartphone have been the focus of several lawsuits in recent history. One particular dispute has involved BlackBerry and BLU Products. Reports indicate that a deal has been reached, and BLU Products has now purchased the right to utilize technology protected by one of BlackBerry's patents. Financial details pertinent to the agreement have not been disclosed.

Does patent law make it difficult to move forward with new ideas?

Texas inventors may want to start a new business and enlist the financial aid of investors when they come up with a new or innovative idea. Of the numerous business and legal decisions that need to be addressed during the start-up phase of a new business, considering the need for a patent should possibly be on the list. The problem may be, however, that current patent law may make it difficult to move forward.

Many Texas inventors consider the possible outcomes if they do not put some protections into place for their ideas before beginning the manufacturing and distribution process. This often means seeking a patent. The problem, however, appears to be in getting there first.

Allegan looking to protect product using patent law possibilities

Companies throughout the United States, and Texas in particular, spend thousands and even millions of dollars bringing a new product to market. If the product is considered to be a drug, in addition to the development of the product, the company must spend money seeking Food and Drug Administration approval. Additionally, at the center of any new product launch is the need for patents and patent law protection.

Recently, Allergan, a popular pharmaceutical company, apparently became concerned with issues surrounding its patent of the drug Restasis. Restasis is an eye drop type drug that is used to treat conditions associated with dry eyes. Upon development of the product, Allergan apparently patented the product and is afforded patent law protection for the duration of the patent.

Nintendo found in violation of patent law

Technological development is big business throughout Texas, the United States and the world. Companies spend thousands of hours and often millions of dollars developing new technology that will appeal to the consumer and help the public. In an effort to protect this investment, this new technology is often patented. Thus, if another company attempts to use this same technology, it can be found to have infringed upon the patent under patent law.

In 1999, a Dallas based company called iLife developed motion-detection technology designed to assist the elderly in case of a fall. Apparently this motion detector was attached to the individual's body and could detect a fall. According to iLife, Nintendo then utilized this same technology in its Wii and Wii U game systems.

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