Before filing a patent application, a patent search can be especially important in determining whether there are similarly patented ideas or inventions. While a nonlawyer could perform an informal patent search, an experienced patent lawyer can provide a far more comprehensive search. By working with a lawyer at the outset, you can know whether your idea is patentable before having to going through the cost and time associated with a patent application.

Based in Fort Worth and Houston, with an additional office location in Denver, Colorado, patent search attorney Richard G. Eldredge has a strong legal and engineering background. This background is critical in providing an opinion as to the patentability of a given concept or object. Although based in Texas, we regularly represent clients across the United States and the globe.

At the Eldredge Law Firm we take on all patent searches and applications on a flat fee basis. We can perform a search as part of a patent application or on a standalone basis. In either event, our reasonable rates and flat fees provide certainty and value to our clients.

Putting Our Clients In The Best Position To Achieve Success

A patent search involves a search for prior art, a term that describes public information that may be relevant to an item's patentability. Richard Eldredge will conduct a thorough search aimed at finding every potentially related item. This is critical not only in the patent search process, but in the patent application process, should a client proceed to this stage. By being familiar with all prior art, our law firm can anticipate the potential arguments or objections the patent examiner may make. This can give our clients an advantage in the patent application and prosecution stages.

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