Youth recipients of this scholarship will benefit from an all-expense paid patent prosecution application* drafted and filed by our firm ($5,000.00 value).

There will be three scholarships awarded at the Young Inventors Showcase held at the Bauer School of Business held at the University of Houston. Scholarships will be awarded to the runner up, grand prize, and Attorney Select.


  • You must be a student of an elementary, middle, or intermediate public or private school
  • You must qualify for entry into the Young Inventor's Showcase (YIS) competition by competing in (and placing in) an organized competition including at least 15 students at your school
  • You must present a letter of recommendation from a teacher or mentor
  • You must have parent/guardian permission to participate.


  1. Contact Information, including:
    • Applicant's full legal name
    • Applicant's school
    • Applicant's grade
    • Applicant's phone number
    • Applicant's email (or parent's email)
    • Applicant's address.
  2. Signed permission from a parent/guardian stating the following:
    "I [parent/guardian's name] allow [applicant's name] to participate in the Eldredge Patent Scholarship program and, if a recipient of the program, to interact with the Eldredge Law Firm in the drafting and filing of a patent application." [parent/guardian's signature] [date]
  3. A letter of recommendation and award confirmation from a teacher or mentor
  4. An essay submission that includes the following:
    • A description of the idea
    • A drawing/sketch of the idea
    • A description of how/why the idea is useful
    • A list of similar/existing ideas
    • A description as to why the idea is different and better than the similar ideas listed above

Submit applications to: with the word "scholarship" in the subject line.

* Our firm will NOT under any circumstance share or make public the contact information or submitted idea of any applicant without their express, written permission.


All Spring Semester submissions must be completed at the YIS event and submitted on the day of the event. Your school will enroll all eligible students in the YIS Competition and provide the date and location information.

Student must bring completed application to the YIS Competition and turn it at the YIS Showcase registration.

Please feel free to call if you have any questions at: 844-877-8529.

* A patent prosecution application includes all research, drawings, claims, abstract, and any other information required for an initial patent application. While we present a thorough and comprehensive application, there is no guarantee that the United States Patent and Trade Office (USPTO) will award a patent. Further, the USPTO may request further correspondence, additional information, responses, re-filing, and any other additional work before deciding if the patent application is approved. These additional costs are not included and will be the responsibility of the parent or guardian if they wish to continue with the patent application process.